How Hospital Asset Management Systems Play an Active Role in Healthcare

We spend a good portion of our day looking for phones, keys, and eyeglasses. In this way, our memory serves as an asset management system – and not a very good one. The stakes are higher in the hospital setting. For example, if medical supplies and equipment are not available in real time, the ripple … Read More

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The Future of EHR Workstations

The Future of EHR Documentation

A roundtable discussion with Enovate and “Healthcare IT Today” Healthcare IT Today seeks out first-hand experiences to create actionable insights for its readers. Recently, John Lynn, the Founder and Chief Editor of the publication, sat down with Enovate’s Kevin Bridges, VP of Marketing and Business Development, and Marc LaFleur, VP of New Customer Development, to … Read More

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Addressing Nursing Fatigue with Enovate Medical’s Encore RX2

Addressing Nursing Fatigue with Enovate Medical’s Encore RX2

It’s been a long year for everyone, but especially for those in the medical field. According to the National Academy of Medicine, clinicians of all kinds are experiencing alarming rates of burnout. Nursing fatigue and burnout can have wide-ranging ramifications if not addressed promptly or effectively. It is estimated that 35% to 54% of nurses … Read More

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Enovate Medical Introduces Encore RX2™ to Reduce Nursing Fatigue and Mitigate Medication Security Risks

Press Release | Murfreesboro, TN | April 6, 2021 To achieve a 40 percent weight reduction over traditional medication carts, Enovate built the RX2 on Encore’s lightweight, durable aluminum platform which includes Enovate’s advanced EcoFlex power management system. With nursing fatigue and burnout challenging hospitals across the nation, Enovate Medical, a leading provider of EHR … Read More

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Installing Wall-Mounted EHR Workstations? Here are 6 simple steps to ensure success

It’s true that wall-mounted EHR workstations can reduce nursing fatigue and enhance patient engagement. But before you embark on a new roll-out, remodel, or a hardware refresh, you’ll want to consider these six steps in your project plan so you get the best clinical workflow and ensure the project’s success. 1. One size does not … Read More

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Introducing OneTouch Ticketing™: Improve IT and Clinical Workflow Service Issues with Ease

Over the last decade, hospitals have been upgrading their IT infrastructure to support improved clinical workflows. One workflow study found that a pediatric nurse might perform hundreds of clinical care tasks throughout her day – a function every 1 to 1 1/2 minutes.1 Any glitch in that workflow – be it a dead battery, PC needing … Read More

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Hospitals Adapt to the New COVID-19 Workflow

With COVID-19 forcing hospitals to rethink their procedures, they are developing new tools and methods to increase capacity and keep everyone safe – from the moment a patient arrives in the emergency room until post-discharge. Hospitals are reinventing their workflows in critical areas: Triage outside of the hospital Telehealth using remote services Quarantining the infected … Read More

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Enovate Medical Virtual Tradeshow Demo

Introducing Enovate LIVE!

Leverage Technology to Solve Your Challenges without Leaving Your Office With hospital IT staff and nursing directors working from multiple locations, teams can now come together to see what’s new and explore labor-saving innovations like RTLS and mobile asset management software – all in one virtual time-saving presentation. Just last March, we were booking flights … Read More

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Enovate Medical Workstations are Ready-Built for Telehealth 2.0

Until March of this year, Medicare did not cover telehealth services except for specific situations in rural areas (and not to the patient’s home). As part of an $8 billion emergency funding legislation to combat the COVID-19 outbreak, most restrictions for Medicare telehealth have been lifted to give healthcare professionals “as many tools as possible” … Read More

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Integrating Telehealth into the Clinical Setting during COVID-19

It’s hard to imagine, but if you needed to visit a doctor via telehealth two months ago, Medicare would not have covered it.1 Today, because of COVID-19, Medicare now welcomes telehealth as an important clinical tool.2 More importantly, with tele-everything having become the norm for work, play, and our social lives, patients and clinicians have … Read More

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SHIFT YOUR ATTENTION: From Data Input to Patient Engagement

When a nurse wheels an EHR workstation into the patient room, it’s easy to blame the machine for dehumanizing the quality of care. Attention that once flowed warmly toward patients is now consumed by the demands of data input at the keyboard and monitor. In 2016, EHR’s effect on the quality of care was so … Read More

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SHIFT INTO SIMPLICITY: How Smart Technology Can Streamline the Nursing Workflow and Help With Burnout

More and more nurses are facing burnout, according to the recent National Nursing Engagement Report. The report states that 15.6% of all nurses reported feelings of burnout and 41% felt unengaged with their work. 1 The report describes potential burnouts as: “nurses who look for a shift to end, are focused on the next break, … Read More

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