Enovate Medical MobiusPower 4.0 Technology

Enovate Medical Advances Cordless Technology with MobiusPower® 4.0

Press Release submitted to PRWEB on August 2, 2016

The evolution of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) continues to shape the workflow of nurses. The need for real-time documentation at the bedside is making the conventional approach to recharging a nurse’s mobile workstation obsolete.

Enovate Medical, the industry leader in mobile workstation power technology, has introduced MobiusPower® 4.0. This innovation packs long-lasting power into lightweight, cordless battery packs that give nurses the ability to capture real-time clinical documentation at the bedside without disrupting their workflow. 

Hospital Workflow Innovation: 

Medical charting has moved from paper charts to nurse station terminals, and from fixed room terminals to mobile workstations. In this way, EHR clinical documentation is getting ever closer to the point of care. Mobile workstations have required intermittent cycles of plugging/unplugging which causes disruptions in continuity of care, until now.

MobiusPower® 4.0 provides a high-efficiency, cordless mobile workstation that stays up-and-running 24/7. The user simply swaps out the MobiusPower® battery pack – a six-second task that delivers a fully-charged workstation without any downtime.

Clinical Benefits: 

  • MobiusPower® 4.0 allows nurses to capture real-time data that is more timely and accurate without disrupting the clinical workflow.
  • MobiusPower® 4.0 improves continuity of care, by eliminating the “lag time” in charting; the medical team can make clinical decisions based on more current data.
  • MobiusPower® 4.0 increases productivity. Nurses have more time to spend with their patients increasing patient satisfaction.

What’s new in MobiusPower® 4.0: 

  • New lithium chemistry – Higher energy density provides a lightweight source of power.
  • Advanced battery pack – Harness more energy safely with 3 layers of protection. 

Bottom Line Benefits: 

With MobiusPower® 4.0, the full potential of EHR and Real Time Documentation is realized. The nurse can focus on the patient – improving clinical workflow, enhancing continuity of care, and increasing patient satisfaction.

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