Enovate Medical - Five Rights for Optimal EHR

The Five Rights, a Recap

Just as there are five patient rights of medication administration, there are five rights to ensure optimal EHR workflow efficiency and successful real-time documenting at the point-of-care. Over the past few weeks, we have covered the “Five Rights,” to consider when choosing a total solution.

In case you missed them, click on the links below to read more…

Enovate Medical - Choosing the right Workstation1. Choosing the Right Workstation

Before you purchase new workstations or make an upgrade, it’s important to fit the equipment to the clinical workflow. Should you consider a nurse centric or room centric deployment? The clinical specialty, medication distribution, plus room and floor layout all create different workflow requirements. Read More.

Enovate Medical - Choosing the Right Mobile Power Source2. Choosing the Right Mobile Power Source

Your facility works non-stop and your mobile EHR workstations need to work 24/7 as well. Unfortunately, plugging, unplugging, recharging, and rebooting impede nursing productivity. Choosing the right mobile power, be it a traditional corded solution or an advanced swappable battery solution is a critical decision. Read More.

Enovate Medical - Choosing the Computer3. Choosing the Right Computer

Mobile workstations are used continuously increasing the demand on battery power consumption. To enhance mobility, selecting a computer with ultra-low power consumption should be a primary consideration. Read More.

Enovate Medical - Choosing the Right Mobile Device Management4. Choosing the Right Mobile Device Management System

Busy fleets of EHR workstations are constantly on the move. Managing these devices in a dynamic clinical environment strains the resources of the hospital IT staff. That’s why a mobile workstation management system is critical in making the right decisions to streamline maintenance, manage assets, and reduce procurement costs. Read More.

Enovate Medical - Choosing the Right Service and Support5. Choosing the Right Service and Support

EHR workstations, whether mobile or wall mounted, are the workhorses that bring the electronic patient record to the bedside enabling real-time clinical documentation. These computer carts and wall mounts must survive a demanding patient care environment. With an ever-increasing reliance on electronic charting in daily clinical workflow, dependence on these workstations continues to rise. Read More.

Have you used any of the “Five Rights” at your facility?

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