Fixed vs. Mobile EHR Workstations: Factors to Consider

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When it comes to the EHR workstations nurses use to chart patient information, one style does not fit across the board for an entire hospital nor does it apply from facility to facility. Instead, each hospital and each nursing specialty requires a solution tailored to its specific patient-care needs. In our five-part blog series, we will outline the applicable differences between fixed vs. mobile EHR workstations, and explore important considerations when making your choice.

The ultimate goal is to find a solution that fits seamlessly into the workflow of each hospital department. The critical care nursing workflow is different from the emergency room nursing workflow, and therefore, EHR workstation preferences and needs vary. Some specialties will achieve better workflow with a fixed workstation solution and others will benefit from a mobile option.

Factors to consider when implementing workstations include the following:

  • overall cost
  • flexibility
  • availability
  • bedside medication delivery methods
  • patient privacy
  • infection control

All of these dynamics affect the patient experience, something every hospital strives to elevate. In the following weeks, we will delve into each of these factors to consider when choosing what is right for your facility and staff.

Enovate Medical understands that every hospital needs a mix of solutions when considering fixed vs. mobile EHR workstations. We take time with our clients, working directly with nurses and IT professionals, to conduct a thorough clinical device assessment (CDA). In doing so, our clients have lowered their overall capital outlay and reduced their operational expenses. Most importantly, they’ve achieved more consistent real-time charting in the presence of the patient, a primary goal of the EHR implementation.

Contact us today for your comprehensive clinical device assessment.

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