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How Valuable is the Real Estate Around Your Power Outlets?

If you’ve ever walked through the halls of a busy hospital, you can imagine what it would be like to charge a bunch of corded workstations in the hallway – chaos and a potential corridor violation.

Enovate Medical - Save Real Estate with Mobile Battery Solutions

The typical corded workstation is mobile only part of the time, while the remainder of the time it stays plugged in. Historically, workstation batteries have provided between five and eight hours of battery life per charge, followed by a downtime of two to seven hours for recharging, depending on the battery type.  

Whether it’s two hours, five hours or seven hours, waiting on mission-critical technology for part of the day comes with a cost. Yet, the battery charging time is only half the story. Battery charging also eats up valuable floor space.

Think about it this way, if a corded workstation requires about three square-feet of space to charge and you line up eight workstations against the wall, they will consume at least 15 feet in linear wall space and about 24 square feet of floor space. If you had 100 workstations that would equal close to the 300 square feet, roughly the size of a full patient room – just for charging!                          Enovate Medical MobiusPower 4.0

Let’s compare these numbers to MobiusPower 4.0 swappable battery packs, where the downtime is zero. In mere seconds, you swap in a fresh battery from the charging bay and keep on working. With MobiusPower, the real estate dedicated to charging is zero and the wall-mounted chargers require minimal space.

Your facility works non-stop, you depend on your EHR workstations and need 24/7 up-time as well. Nurses don’t want to spend their day plugging, unplugging, recharging, and rebooting. It impedes productivity, reduces patient satisfaction, and takes up valuable real estate. With an advanced swappable battery solution like MobiusPower 4.0, your nursing workflow – and work area – are optimized for maximum productivity.

Are you using a mobile corded workstation? How much time do you spend worrying about battery life? How many times a day, do you dodge a charging workstation in the hall?


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