improve workflow for nurses

Improve Workflow for Nurses and IT Professionals with RHYTHM

Nurses are the lifeblood of hospitals, working around the clock, caring for patients. Advanced technology has improved how RNs manage patient data, but if that technology interrupts workflow, it can create frustration, lead to errors, and disrupt their time at the patient’s bedside. Learn how RHYTHM can improve workflow for nurses and IT professionals alike.

Hospitals run 24/7. There’s no down time. This cycle places an endless demand on medical equipment such as EHR workstations. RNs don’t have time to search for workstations or submit work orders, yet they often become caregivers to not only their patients but also to devices. At Enovate Medical, we recognized these frustrations, and developed a solution with RHYTHM™.

We know RNs and IT professionals are busier than ever, so we created a short video to show you the basics of how RHYTHM works. Mobile device management is a common concept in other professions where employees use tablets and laptops, for example. Productivity and optimized workflow are incredibly important in nursing, yet until now, no one has used MDM to alleviate the tech challenges nurses face.

IT professionals have often relied on nurses to report equipment issues. However, rather than troubleshooting or diagnosing a problem, a nurse might simply switch equipment and rush back to a patient. This leaves the IT team out of the loop until they’re swamped with work orders. A nurse’s first priority is patient care. More demands create unwarranted job anxiety, and downed workstations create frustration and hassle, all which can degrade quality of care and the patient experience. That’s the last thing a hospital wants.

With RHYTHM, IT gains real-time visibility of the location and usage of a hospital’s mobile EHR workstations. This data proves valuable for assessing where and when workstations are needed, immediately and for future planning. RHYTHM also monitors and predicts a battery’s end of life so IT can budget for and replace weak batteries before a shortage affects clinical workflow and patient care. By having complete visibility, IT can predict and meet a hospital’s tech needs before they become a concern.

A device management solution with real-time visibility is an indispensable tool for IT professionals, and it liberates RNs so they can focus on patients. As a technology leader, Enovate Medical delivers optimized workflow solutions that keep the 24/7 hospital running smoothly and efficiently. With RHYTHM we provide a software tool that allows the IT team to effectively support nurses. That support then empowers nurses to give their full attention to their patients.

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