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Clinical Device Assessment Case Study (pt 2): Montrose Memorial Hospital

Welcome back to our latest case study blog series. We’re detailing the results of a Clinical Device Assessment (CDA) and department-tailored equipment upgrade with Montrose Memorial Hospital. In part one, we provided an overview of the hospital and why the facility opted for a CDA. Here, we discuss the CDA process and how Enovate helped Montrose achieve consistent real-time charting and streamlined nursing workflow.

The first CDA took place in 2011 with the goal of building a robust equipment fleet for Montrose that offered the right EHR workflow solutions for each nursing situation. Enovate performed a second CDA with Montrose in 2016 to process map workflow, identify nurse utilization, make necessary adjustments, and incorporate a long-term, budget-friendly plan.

“I appreciated their flexibility and their ability to provide the solutions to each department individually,” says John Zentmeyer, Technical Support Analyst II at Montrose Memorial. “They each have specific needs, and all of those needs were fulfilled with one vendor. Having a sales force that knows what the product is and what it can do was certainly a benefit in this situation.”

With a CDA, an Enovate account executive develops a relationship with the hospital and performs a comprehensive evaluation of that hospital’s overall needs and the workflow intricacies within each department. Enovate then recommends solutions that empower nurses to give their full attention to patients, as well as solutions that aid the hospital’s IT team in effectively supporting those dedicated nurses.

Marc LaFleur, Enovate Medical’s Regional Sales Director, performed both CDAs with Montrose Memorial Hospital. First, he assessed device needs based on real-scenario observations and in-depth conversations with nurses in their departments. Then he worked with the hospital’s IT professionals to help determine the best streamlined solutions. In the second CDA, LaFleur did a thorough reassessment, factoring in staffing, utilization, and expansion changes, while also observing how the nursing workflow across all departments had evolved over the five-year period between the CDAs.

“In hospitals, IT makes all these decisions, and it doesn’t always fit the actual need or the workflow for the department because we’re not clinical,” says Candice Schroeder, Information Systems Project Manager at Montrose Memorial. “Marc was able to get buy-in from the actual nurses. Marc showed them the features, and he actually walked around with them. We don’t see a lot of vendors who do that.”

Conversely, sometimes the nurses in a department will push for a workflow change without being aware of the potential roadblocks it could create for them when it comes to caring for patients. For example, nurses in the medical-surgical unit wanted to switch from mobile workstations to wall-mounted solutions. LaFleur recognized that an upgrade in mobile solutions would be a better fit. He outlined all the factors for IT regarding construction, network, and power costs associated with the wall-mounted options, and with the nurses, he walked through workflow implications. He spent time with the nurses to understand and problem-solve their concerns. The result was a nurse-centered solution.

“He didn’t convince us for the benefit of an additional sale,” Zentmeyer says. “He made some very valid arguments against going with a wall-mounted solution verses the cart solution. We were able to really effectively come up with a solution that requires less hardware and that has greater benefits to the nursing staff. It gives them a lot of flexibility.”

At Enovate Medical, we take time with our clients, working directly with nurses and IT professionals, to conduct a thorough clinical device assessment (CDA). In doing so, our clients have lowered their overall capital outlay and reduced their operational expenses. Most importantly, they’ve achieved enhanced nursing workflow and therefore an improved patient experience.



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