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Clinical Device Assessment Case Study (pt 3): Montrose Memorial Hospital

In a five-part blog series, we’re detailing the results of a Clinical Device Assessment (CDA) and department-tailored equipment upgrade with Montrose Memorial Hospital. Read our overview in part one and about the CDA process and partnership with Enovate in part two. Here, we explain how Montrose’s switch to a swappable battery system streamlined nursing workflow and created efficiencies for the IT team, as well.

Marc LaFleur, Enovate Medical’s Regional Sales Director, and his colleagues encouraged Montrose Memorial to adopt Enovate’s MobiusPower®, a flexible, efficient swappable battery system, for its mobile EHR workstations.

“With this refresh, our call volume on battery and cart issues has dropped significantly,” says John Zentmeyer, Technical Support Analyst II at Montrose Memorial.

The deployment of the swappable batteries reduced the influx of IT tickets from nurses related to battery life, which the IT team was overloaded prior to the change. With cordless workstations and external batteries, Montrose nurses can swap out a depleted battery for a fully charged one in seconds. A battery issue never renders a cordless workstation inoperable. That ease of swapping allows the IT team to quickly replace a weak battery that’s approaching end of life or one that has malfunctioned, without doing any maintenance. 

MobiusPower allows nurses to know in minutes (rather than an arbitrary percentage) how much battery life they have left on their carts, eliminating battery anxiety. “Mobius provides them 24/7 up time,” LaFleur says. “Nurses always have on-demand power, and on-demand power promotes more real-time charting at the bedside.”

Nurses can swap the lightweight batteries from a holster at their fingertips to a wall-mounted charging station (and vice versa) in a matter of seconds, and they only need to swap once during a 12-hour shift. MobiusPower is a cordless solution that eliminates the many hassles, safety concerns, and workflow hindrances of workstations that must be plugged in to charge. Enovate mobile power solutions support and sustain workflow improvements.

“The flexibility of the MobiusPower solutions and the configuration are a real big plus for us,” says Eric Herd, Director of Information Technology at Montrose Memorial.

MobiusPower automatically receives firmware updates, eliminating the need for costly equipment purchases. Enovate does not overhaul the system’s physical design. “It’s not a situation where we’re upgrading batteries and then having to upgrade all the chargers and all the holsters in the units,” Zentmeyer says. He also likes the fact that, even though different departments have different workflow needs and equipment, Montrose was able to unify the utilization of Enovate’s MobiusPower throughout its facility.

At Enovate Medical, we take time with our clients, working directly with nurses and IT professionals, to conduct a thorough clinical device assessment (CDA). In doing so, our clients have lowered their overall capital outlay and reduced their operational expenses. Most importantly, they’ve achieved enhanced nursing workflow and therefore an improved patient experience.

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