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Save Time and Money: Do a Clinical Device Assessment

Before you purchase new workstations or make an upgrade, it’s important to know why you’re selecting certain equipment.

When you look at the clinical workflow you realize there are many variables. The clinical speciality, the medication distribution model and the room and floor layout all create slightly different workflow requirements. Different workflows often require multiple workstations: fixed and mobile with numerous configurations within each. 

The Enovate Medical team has many years of experience with hundreds of hospitals across the U.S. matching workstations with workflows.  Before we can recommend workstation configurations we should collaborate on a Clinical Device Assessment.  A Clinical Device Assessment offers a department specific workflow analysis of your workstation needs and helps you make an informed decision. 

To learn more about what a Clinical Device Assessment is, read this blog post.

Overcoming Workflow Challenges

Enovate Medical Doctor and PatientWe understand that documenting patient information in a modern hospital environment can be a challenge, but is a very important task. Your nurses and other clinical staff have many responsibilities, and documentation should be the easiest part of their patient care process.

Do these issues sound familiar?

  • Difficulty in maneuvering mobile workstations 
  • Issues in getting to wall-mounted devices
  • The inability to get accessible power outlets in a crowded room
  • Delayed entry of patient data disrupting continuity of care

There’s nothing more frustrating than technology getting in the way of quality patient care. With a Clinical Device Assessment, Enovate will help you optimize your workflow with the right workstations. Your staff can spend more time with patients and less time on managing devices, leading to better patient care.

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