SHIFT INTO SIMPLICITY: How Smart Technology Can Streamline the Nursing Workflow and Help With Burnout

More and more nurses are facing burnout, according to the recent National Nursing Engagement Report. The report states that 15.6% of all nurses reported feelings of burnout and 41% felt unengaged with their work. 1

The report describes potential burnouts as:

“nurses who look for a shift to end, are focused on the next break, who call off during times of stress, and for whom a patient is a diagnosis or a task.”

There is a simple reason for the stress among nurses. According to the authors, Cynthia King, and Leigh Ann Bradley, “We are asking nurses to do more with fewer resources. At the same time, nurses must be compassionate caregivers, technical experts, clinicians, and experts.” 2

When nurses become disengaged, the hospital pays the price. In earlier studies, each disengaged nurse costs the hospital $22,200 from lost productivity, which means, for a hospital with 100 nurses, disengagement can cost $333, 000 per year. For a large system with 15,000 nurses, the loss jumps to $50 million. 3

Engagement: The top three – The Report lists the top three drivers for nurse engagement as 1) a sense of autonomy, 2) collaboration, and 3) responsiveness from leaders.

Burnout: The top three – The three predictors of burnout include 1) emotional exhaustion, 2) disconnect to patients, and 3) the inability to overcome the challenges of one’s work.

Enovate Simplicity callout

Nurse-friendly technology reduces burnout – Enovate Medical designed its intelligent Envoy workstation with nurse input as a guiding force. For example, the Envoy’s FollowMe™ Personalization remembers preferences like sit-and-stand heights with one touch – even when the nurse logs into another workstation. The icons on the Envoy’s touch display include OneTouch ticketing for sending service requests. Enovate Medical’s Uptime™ service program allows IT to roll in a Ready Replacement eliminating nursing downtime if a workstation needs service. EHR workstations contain a secured desktop PC with no access to the on/off button. But if a nurse needs to reboot that PC, she can save time and hit Envoy’s reboot icon rather than wait on IT reducing nursing.

The Envoy equipped MobiusPower can further reduce nursing fatigue. Having a battery die when starting an IV or while dispensing medications adds significant stress to the nurse. With MobiusPower, you get a 20-minute warning before the battery dies and can fully recharge the workstation with a 6-second battery swap.

Supporting an engaged workforce – “We believe it is important for healthcare leaders to support and grow an engaged workforce,” King and Bradley conclude in the report. “At the same time, leaders need to determine ways to restore joy and purpose to nurses whose engagement has diminished.” 4

With 25 years of expertise supporting clinical professionals, Enovate Medical designs its EHR technology to reduce mental and physical fatigue, support good ergonomics, and help prevent burnout. As anyone who has worked on a challenging task can attest: When you have the right tools, stress levels go down.

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