Enovate Medical MobiusPower 4.0

The Advanced Technology Underneath the Hood of MobiusPower® 4.0

In business, battery issues can be a nuisance. If you forget to recharge your phone at night, it might conk out during a conference call. And if you fail to charge your laptop before a long flight, that important document might not get finished.

In healthcare, battery issues can affect critical clinical decisions. Nurses need long-lasting power sources to keep their Electronic Health Record workstations up-and-running and their patients’ clinical information current.

MobiusPower is the only cordless battery technology specifically designed for nurses using Electronic Health Record medical carts. Enovate Medical has been improving this technology for over ten years. We recently launched MobiusPower 4.0 with innovations to deliver more safety features, longer life expectancy and better performance than previous designs.

Advanced Battery Pack

MobiusPower® 4.0 packs a higher number of smaller cells to achieve unparalleled performance and safety in a lightweight battery pack. By using twenty-seven 2.9-amp-hour cylindrical cells, the battery pack produces the same overall high capacity while isolating individual cells of lower energy. 

New Lithium Chemistry

Our new Lithium Cobalt Nickel Aluminum Oxide cells offer a higher energy density than Lithium Cobalt alone. The addition of aluminum helps stabilize the chemistry. In fact, the battery cells used in the Tesla Model S are based on the NCR18650 that we use.

Heat Resistant Layer (HRL) Technology

The battery cells in the MobiusPower® 4.0 battery pack are designed with a revolutionary heat-resistant layer that consists of an insulating metal oxide on the surface of the electrodes. HRL technology provides added protection against overheating of the cell should an internal short ever occur.

Added Safety Features

A patent pending high-temperature cell holder design uses shielding as an extra layer of heat protection.

Bottom line, the advanced technology and long-lasting battery performance of MobiusPower® 4.0 enhances the clinical workflow, improves continuity of care, and increases patient satisfaction while powering your mobile medical carts. 

Enovate Medical MobiusPower 4.0: 27 - 2.9 amp hour cylindrical cells for longer life and better protection

Enovate Medical MobiusPower 4.0: High-temp cell holder and side shields for added protection

Enovate Medical MobiusPower Battery Kit

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