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Lessons Learned from Covid-19: Why it’s Time for a Clinical Device Assessment

October 21, 2022

Now that the darkest days of the pandemic are behind us, hospitals are leveraging the lessons learned to shape their future – especially in the design and flexibility of technology. During Covid-19, hospitals quickly discovered how technology impacted their clinical teams’ efficiency and surge capacity. Today, a post-covid review offers an opportunity to update your … Read More

Enovate Medical Clinical Device Assessment

What Is a Clinical Device Assessment?

June 3, 2016

If you’re in the market for clinical workstations, you might find that you don’t know how to start the purchasing process. All workstations are different, so how do you know which to buy? How do you identify the appropriate workstation for each clinical specialty? How does the clinical workflow impact your choice of workstation? Enovate … Read More

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