SmartCare Services and Support for Enovate Workstations

Enovate Medical’s SmartCare™ is an end-to-end approach to evaluating, deploying, and maintaining your workstation technology at each stage in its life cycle.

With SmartCare, you get:

  • Seamless plan for capital savings and clinical success
  • Comprehensive services and support
  • Knowledgeable, experienced partner in Enovate Medical

With countless implementations under our belt, Enovate Medical has the skillset and expertise required to help you maximize the return on your workstation and technology investment.

How the SmartCare Approach Works

Well before you purchase clinical workstations from Enovate, you get access to SmartCare services and support. The SmartCare services outlined below cover everything from determining the right mix and quantity of workstations to installation and beyond. At some stages, there is the option to purchase optional add-ons to further enhance your service.

Enovate Medical SmartCare Process Cycle


Enovate LIVE!

Your time is valuable! Assemble your clinical and IT teams and sign up to explore the latest in EHR workstations, fleet management software and no-hassle service plans during a one-on-one comprehensive session. Watch video.

Clinical Device Assessment (CDA)

Enovate conducts a comprehensive CDA to ensure that you have the right mix of EHR technology to match your staffing levels and clinical workflows. Learn more about CDA.

Product Evaluation

Experience the Enovate productivity boost that our smart technology delivers with a 60-day free trial. Our Rhythm Fleet Management program will furnish the hard data you need to compare.

Rhythm Webinar

Sign up to learn how you can reduce IT workload and increase clinical productivity by managing your EHR workstations remotely with Rhythm Asset Management. Demo Link.


White Glove Delivery Services

Delivery, unpacking, positioning, disposal of packaging. Do we need to add time-saving message?

Installation and Deployment

Our installation team will provide onsite integration and deployment of your workstations, peripherals, and  battery charging stations – all based on your CDA plan.

Peripheral Integration

We pre-build your mobile workstations with accessories and peripherals already installed for a true plug-and-play solution.


We maximize your nursing productivity through in-service training for your clinical staff. Enovate’s factory technicians will train your IT staff so that you can streamline your tech response times and increase user satisfaction.

Rhythm Systems Integration

Leverage existing systems like ITSM, SSO and Microsoft Active Directory to improve productivity through automation

Rhythm Asset Management Implementation

Manage your entire fleet of workstations with remote visibility. Your IT team can troubleshoot problems to minimize workstation downtime, monitor workstation utilization, real-time location, and battery health to maximize fleet performance.


Routine Maintenance

Extend the life of your capital investment with regular maintenance from Enovate’s team of factory-trained technicians. Increase workstation reliability and maximize the user experience when your equipment is in top working condition.

Technical Support

Rely on our technical support team for your technical service needs:

  • Engage with our technical service center experts working beside our engineering and manufacturing teams to resolve your technical issues.
  • Our skilled field service team, located throughout the US, can handle your in- and out-of-warranty service needs.

See our Maintenance Plans to fit your needs 

Field Support Technicians

Who is more efficient at maintaining workstations than the guys who designed and built them?

  • National network of Enovate Medical employees – factory-trained and certified
  • With larger workstation fleets to manage, our Platinum Service Plans gives you a full-time, on-site technician 5 days a week to let your team focus on other mission-critical responsibilities.

OEM Part Replacements

Minimize downtime when you have the parts you need on hand:

Multiple options to get the parts you need — when you need them

You can stock them to order them on-demand

  • We offer multiple service levels including shipped in advance, next-day, or two-day shipping. (expedited shipping costs $$$, no cost for standard shipping)
  • Leverage our on-site parts warehouse option for immediate availability.

Quarterly Optimization Review

The Rhythm management software monitors workstation utilization, battery health, and the need for replacement – all in a quarterly optimization report:

  • The Optimization Review will help you cut waste from your operation and drive down overall cost.
  • Uncover and correct utilization issues that can improve clinical efficiency through process changes, education, and collaboration.

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